Car Servicing in Dartford, Kent

Shenley Road Garage in Dartford, Kent, offers car servicing to check your vehicle for damages and ensure it remains in good condition.

Car Servicing - Shenley Road Garage


We cater to your requirements with our personal service. As part of our extensive variety of auto services, our friendly and informative staff offer
advice on the best possible package to make sure that you get the most for your money.
Shenley Road Garage offers a tailored service, taking into account your vehicle’s mileage. Select from our variety of car servicing options that are designed to save you money and ensure a more personal service.
Service Packages

Bronze – Includes an oil and filter change, tyre pressures, conditions checked & levels check.
Silver – Includes an oil and filter change, levels check, tyre pressures, conditions checked, general inspection, front brake inspection, oil treatment.
Gold – Includes an oil and filter change, spark plugs or fuel filter change, air filter change, levels check, tyre pressure & conditions checked, carry out a general inspection, front and rear brake inspection, oil and fuel treatment.

Contact us today for car servicing to keep your vehicle in top condition in Dartford, Kent.